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Careers @ Prime

Prime Engineering is on a mission to bring the necessary technical horsepower to accelerate a carbon free future for all. We are constantly seeking talented mechanical and structural engineers with a nuclear mindset. Want to make a difference? Contact us at with a resume and statement of purpose.

The Culture of Prime

We take engineering nuclear safety seriously, and we understand that our nuclear engineering culture is what separates Prime from other engineering firms. We strive to attract people who:

Have an Engineering Mindset
Engineering isn’t what we do, it is what we are.

Are Bold
Enthusiastic in their thinking and innovative when solving old problems.

Commit to Learning
Solving tough problems requires getting it wrong until you get it right.

Take Ownership
Lead by example, rolls up their sleeves, and does what it takes to deliver.

Are Driven
Do work that matters. Whether we like it or not, there is a timeline for developing carbon-free power for all before it is too late.

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