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Founder & Principal Engineer

Keith Oldinski founded Prime Engineering to bring solid engineering capability and manufacturing experience together under the framework of nuclear level quality and standards. Prior to founding Prime Engineering, Keith held various engineering and leadership roles at Hayward Tyler, PaR Systems, and SA Technology. 


Keith is at his best when leading engineering driven teams completing tough mechanical and structural design efforts from conceptualization through manufacturing drawing production. He attacks problems from all fronts to provide an elegant solution with efficiency, for mission critical components and systems where failure is not an option.


Keith has expertise in structural design, mechanics of materials, nuclear quality systems, stress analysis, and pressure vessel design.

Keith holds a BSME from Michigan Technological University, and a Professional Engineer license in the State of Washington.



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Managing Partner & Principal Engineer

Benjamin Hardy was brought on as a Managing Partner in 2022.

Ben has over twenty years of engineering experience in safety related equipment design as it relates to Nuclear design and quality systems. Prior to joining Prime Engineering, Ben held various engineering and leadership roles at Hayward Tyler, Inc, and SPX Flow.


Ben is at his best on teams that need to solve entrenched mechanical and materials problems, and teams that need to make sound decisions with limited information. "I’m as comfortable digging into a highly technical problem as I am connecting with customers to gain a multi-faceted perspective on the energy sector".


Ben has expertise in pressure vessel design, nuclear quality systems, materials, forensic metallurgy and corrosion, and held Executive and Engineering positions in engineering driven companies.


Ben holds ten published patents, an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a BS in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Outside the office Ben enjoys cycling, coaching, and painting model miniatures for competition.

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